Business plan on garri processing industry

You can start this business either manually or mechanically. We know how important it is to be located in a place that is convenient most especially in terms of proximity for both our customers and employees.

Our excellent customer service is one of our primary strength that will ensure we have competitive advantage over our competitors. Garri is priced depending on the quantity that is bought by the customer.


On a very important note, you and your production staffs may need a personal training and coaching on the processing of cassava from an expert in the field so as to ensure high quality for your products. Complete garri processing For those on a tight budget for garri making machine.

The exact price is subject to practice. Completed Opening Mobile Money Accounts: These businesses have certain factors going for them, chief of which is location. The projections are also based on the fact that all business plan on garri processing industry that were considered during the analysis remain constant — such as the economy, lack of strong substitutes, and the arrival of no major competitors.

Opportunities Due to the fact that we are amongst the first garri processing businesses to offer more than white garri, this has cemented our role in front and has led to many start-ups requiring trainings from us, which will help boost our revenue base, especially as most of them are not close competitors.

Having been able to generate N3. The business plan we will prepare for you will will be of international standard and will provide the close supervision and guide that you need.

Place adverts in local newspapers as well as in local radio stations about our garri Visit markets and introduce Koko quality garri to garri traders wholesalers and retailers Throw a unique opening launch party that will attract interest Use our official website to vigorously promote our garri processing business Empower our marketing and sales team to positively push and better communicate our brand to customers Create unique and engaging handbills and distribute them in strategic locations Engage in one on one marketing Encourage our loyal customers to refer us to others Mae use of our social media platforms to promote our products and services Sources of Income Koko Quality Garri Ventures like any other business is established with the aim of making profit.

We know that once customers identify with our efforts at integrating into the community through social participations, then patronage towards our business will increase.

Whether it is true or not, I cannot really confirm that to you but all I know is that a large number of the population consume Garri on daily basis with exception to certain sick patients like the diabetics whose bodies do not need too much starch foods anymore. Also, Garri can also be taken with cold water and mixed with milk, groundnut, cashew nuts, chocolate, salt, coconut, beans, sugar and many other supplements and enhancements.

We intend to process for sale white garri and yellow garri so as to be able to cater to our teeming customers. The necessity of having finance is also necessary so that the business can run smoothly, and generate enough money to fully run itself.

You need to employ staffs to help out in the production process and also, payment of taxes may be involved. Nigeria remains the largest producer of cassava in the world. Palm oil is sometimes added to Garri to make it look yellowish in colour.

Comprehensive Business Plan Plan for Garri Processing and Packaging

About 5 tons of cassava tubers shall be required for the test run and it will be provided by the client. We also intend to ensure that our processed garri does not only meet the needs of our house hold clients but become a profitable business for our partners and distributors.

Due to this fact, we intend to ensure that we treat our customers right by ensuring we promptly attend to their requests, orders and complaints. As you get more money, you can establish a cassava plantation to make it easier and cheaper for you to source your business inputs.

After fermentation, use the filter press to dewater, then dried by garri frying machine. Garri divided into white color and yellow color, the palm oil gives color as well as flavor to the garri, to get yellow garri, just add palm oil during the frying machine working.

It is then granulated, roasted and finally milled again in the hammer mill to reduce it to the appropriate particle size.

The exact price is subject to practice. Our other strengths lie in the fact that we have employed the best hands in the industry, who not only understand the garri business perfectly but also understand our vision and working towards it as well.

Threat Our threats are not really that significant, as there are really no government policies or economic downturn to worry about, but like every business, we take all threats seriously, and intend to act proactively to reduce or eliminate the threat.

Our aim of starting this business is to ensure that our clients both domestic and international get processed garri of the finest quality.the setting up of a garri processing plant | a feasibility study and business plan FEASIBILITY STUDY This is a sample Garri processing plant business plan and feasibility study to guide you before you startup the business or possible expansion.

Cassava & Garri Production / Processing Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study. Cassava is a very important crop not only in Nigeria but in Africa at large, it is affordable for both the rich and the poor when compared to other staple foods. Garri also known as gari, garry, tapioca, garium sulphate, farofa and poi, processed from cassava, in the cassava planting country and area, garri processing industry is a good project, start a business plan on garri processing industry is suitable for everyone, not need to much money, its a small investment and quick capital gains industry.

READ ALSO: Fastest growing business in Nigeria The heart of this modern Garri processing plant is the roasting or frying pot which is made from stainless steel and insulated with fibre glass. This absorbs heat from the fire. It's high-powered by 2HP gear motor that rotates the paddles that unceasingly flip the frying garri mash.

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Garri processing business plan

GARRI PROCESSING BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE PDF / DOC Are you looking for a Garri processing business plan sample to guide you in writing your business plan? Are you.

Business plan on garri processing industry
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