The social impacts and challenges of citizen journalism to the hong kong society

Papou Joli Footnotes 1. In and hundreds of videos and photographs surfaced just as the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa were gaining momentum. On occasion, the protection is dependent on whether the person [who] asserted the claim is in fact a journalist.

It covers various topics such as content creation, selling, distribution, syndication, consumption, content economics, business models, related technology and copyright protection issues faced by different information industries in the new media ecology.

Nevejan is a regular presenter at national and international fora. Citizen journalists have been vital to getting news from Syria since its seven-year-long civil war began. This course provides students with an understanding of the mental, emotional and physical activities that people engage in when selecting, purchasing and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy needs and desires.

This course focuses on the nature and function of communication conflicts. They can go to websites like www. The emerging practices of citizen journalism run the gamut from new forms of audience participation in traditional media to citizen expression in the blogosphere In terms of content they alternate fact-oriented reporting of locally based participants in the context of a global network, to self-expression of opinion.

It covers major media laws and ethical issues that are related to the operation and practices of media organizations and practitioners.

Citizen journalism

These characteristics were due to the invention of the internet, which, made way for amateur and citizen journalist to make a name for themselves within the industry. There are also web resources such as the News University that where originally conceived to enhance the training of journalists, but that can also improve the journalistic skills of citizens www.

A native of Birmingham, Michigan, Mr. In Seoul, at first glance, it seems that protesters in the city centre want justice for the hundreds of victims of Sewol.

Citizen Journalism

However, can those Facebook Groups be a new form of public sphere or be regarded as an indispensable part of the public sphere?

In this role he is responsible for research policy and funding including the Research Excellence Frameworkknowledge exchange and health policy.

These videos came from ordinary sons, daughter, mothers, and fathers experiencing the devastating problems firsthand; they were in a sense documenting a historical moment.

Privacy will be respected as well as anonymity when a professional journalist reports, which might not be the case when citizen journalists report, resulting therefore in degrading the profession.

It has two foci: This seminar will cover the economics of print, television, Internet and other consumer media.

Citizen journalism in Hong Kong

Are they professional enough? Recently, Jay Rosen in PressThink http: Further, for the foreseeable future, they will continue to complement each other, willingly or not. Prior to joining Elsevier, he worked at an engineering consultancy in the UK.

The course covers topics such as cyber crime investigation, cyber forensics, e-mail tracking, IP tracking, cyber terrorism, cyber law, and cyber security.

Public relations programmes directed toward employees, consumers, news media, community, governmental officials and agencies, stockholders and other relevant groups are discussed and analyzed in the course. Take the cash spill case in Hong Kong in as an example, citizens who witnessed the incidence posted the photos and videos to those groups and they were then widely spread in the internet, even faster than the news media.

Proponents and facilitators[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification.

Journalism Essay Examples

Although it is early to asses the impact of citizen journalism it would appear that in Korea it has served to open the political spectrum and in the United States to redefine the news agenda. At the same time, political blogs grew rapidly in number and influence on both left and right sides of the political spectrum.

TORCH also hosts our Knowledge Exchange Fellows, who are developing partnerships with external organisations, and is the public face of humanities research in Oxford. Newspapers were professionalized in the 19th Century, leading to a relatively independent corps of journalists oriented to fact-based "objective reporting.

The course examines the influence of online technologies on journalism from editorial, technological, economic, and social perspectives. Citizens need information about the political, economic, and cultural systems that structure their lives.

There are also around half-a-dozen current Humanities projects at various stages of support in OUI's start-up incubator: Advantage of citizen journalism The major advantage of citizen journalism is that they can capture valuable scenes when the accident happens which professional reporters may be too late for that.

Even amidst the social media storm - and often thanks to it - news outlets are using tried and true techniques to check information uploaded online before republishing it. He especially supports research institutions and SMEs which intend to create impact of their research results in society and industry.Usage, Civic Motivations, Online Expression and Discussion on citizen’s participation in public issues.

Asia essay contest: Thoughts on social media and citizen journalism wanted

1 On the one hand, Department of Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University. He also obtained his PhD in Media and Communication from City University of Hong Kong.

His research interests cover political communication. Social media are often described as being opposite to or a complementary form of journalism, a platform for citizen journalism and alternative news (e.g. Bruns. The Social Impacts and Challenges of Citizen Journalism to the Hong Kong Society ( words, 8 pages) Introduction In recent years, information is broadcast not only using the traditional media.

With the rapid development of the internet and new media, information is delivered instantly to people all over the globe with the aids of social.

This article analysis the role of citizen journalism in the society and its impact on traditional journalism. Social news, citizen journalism and democracy Citizen journalism in society and its impact on traditional journalism.

Journalism Essay Examples

realm of journalism, social networking and especially in citizen journalism. Blogs provided the accessible platform to and healthy democratic society. Citizen participation in news process exchanged overall attitude of the conventional news Role of Citizen Journalism in Strengthening Societies.

The challenge of citizen journalism. While the future of the news and how it is defined is constantly in flux, citizen journalism - and social media - appears to be here to stay. But, according to Allan, there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. Hong Kong (China) Subscribe for weekly updates.

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The social impacts and challenges of citizen journalism to the hong kong society
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